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We're Back!

Sal's Spaghetti House, historically a landmark of Allentown, PA and a favorite among residents known for its fantastic pasta sauce, reopens its 'doors' via Sal's Spaghetti House Pasta Sauce Company.

Sal Poidomani's son, George, with the help of college friends and local associates, has now made the legendary Sal’s Sauce available to consumers--locally and nationally.

Since the May of 2010 kick-off launch of Sal’s Spaghetti House Pasta Sauce at Brew Works in Allentown, PA, Sal’s continues to grow in notoriety, with many stories published in the local media. The Cosmopolitan in downtown Allentown (at Sal’s former location) now features a special Sal’s Spaghetti House Menu with Sal’s spaghetti sauce every Tuesday, prepared the original way, as taught to the chefs by George. It has been a great success, with large numbers of happy diners...savoring the flavor... again!


Sal’s Sauce is now available in a number of stores around the Allentown, PA region. Given the right opportunities, we are expanding to meet the needs of our customers. If you don’t find Sal's Sauce at your local grocery, supermarket or specialty retailer, ask them for Sal’s Spaghetti House Pasta Sauce by name, and request that they stock it for you! Go to our store list to find where Sal’s Sauce can currently be purchased.

Please check back from time to time--there may be special events or happenings we want you to know about!